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Barry Woods Johnston at work

Sculptures by Johnston are featured repeatedly at exhibitions of the National Academy of Design, the National Sculpture Society, the Allied Artists of America, the National Arts Club, and the Salmagundi Club…

Johnston sculptures can be found in prominent public places and important collections. The Vatican Museum in Rome and the Washington National Cathedral. Georgetown University, The Martin Luther King Library, and the Lutheran Church of the Reformation, all in Washington, DC, have important works by Barry Johnston in their collections, as do Vrye Universitiet in Amsterdam, The National Foundation, the James Michener Museum, the United States Army Art Collection and CBN University. Johnston commissions can be found in Egypt, China, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Arkansas, Illinois and Texas.

Barry Johnston is a recognized master of the arts and a living treasure. For some thirty years, he has produced a stunning body of work — work distinguished by thoughtful conception, virtuosity of technique, stirring emotion, and momentous content — a growing body of work which stands alone in originality. Now in the midst of the most fecund phase of his career, his present collection marks a lifetime dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom and truth through sculpture.

— Steve Mirabella